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Data Claimer August 28th – Sports Analytics Conference In Melbourne

SAC10We’ve been playing with sports performance data for some time, a decade ago we were looking at one on one with a single athlete and gradually that migrated to looking at team sports. Today with so many players (and weekend warriors) wearing performance monitoring equipment the volume of data has grown enormously and looks set to continue in sports science and big business too. It’s exciting to see the big end of town getting involved.

Coming up in Melbourne at the end of August is one of the first conferences on Sports Analytics in Australia and this time coming not from a research institution or sporting group but from the business itself. The agenda and scope look impressive, as too the supporters.

Our deputy director(from SABEL Labs) and computer systems expert  David Rowlands is keen and has packed his bag already!

Here are the conference website and agenda



We are delighted to present the following panels and presentations at the PSCL Sports Analytics Conference at KPMG Melbourne.


  • Olympics and Rio 2016. Big Data and Analytics as a Weapon to the Top 5 Medal Table?
  • Measuring the Impact of Branding, Sponsorship and Media
  • How Data Makes the NBA Infinitely More Accessible—and Interesting
  • Sharing, Liking, Streaming: The Future of Sports and Media
  • Quants and Storytelling: How Analytics Has Changed Sports Journalism


  • How Predictive Analytics is Changing the Game: MCG and Australian Open Case Studies
  • Accelerating Soccer Performance: Football Federation and Winning the Asia Cup 2015
  • Formula 1: McLaren’s Approach to Big Data and Applied Sports Technologies
  • Sports Brains behind the Ball: Analytics and Winning the 2015 Cricket World Cup


  • Wearable Analytics and Winning on the World Stage
  • Bettors and Bookmakers: Using Analytics to Boost Your Sports Betting
  • Fantasy Sports and Gaming – How is the industry growing so quickly?


  • Is Analytics Taking the Joy out of Sports
  • Ticketing Analytics: Technology and Data Meet Ticketing
  • Amateurs or Industry: Time to Reform Sports Law and Big Data?

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