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iTraining: Real-Time Training For The Human Achilles Tendon


Congratulations David Lloyd and team on winning an ARC linkage grant with Phillips,  Noraxon and Orthocell. A very exciting project to push some great science out into the ambulatory environment using wearable technology. SABEL Labs are delighted to be working with you!

Title: Intelligent training (iTraining) for the human Achilles tendon
Administering OrganisationGriffith University


  1. Prof David Lloyd (Chief Investigator)
  2. Prof Minghao Zheng (Chief Investigator)
  3. Prof Rod Barrett (Chief Investigator)
  4. Prof Jillianne Cook (Chief Investigator)
  5. Dr Daniel James (Chief Investigator)
  6. A/Prof Thor Besier (Partner Investigator)

The project aims to improve understanding of the mechanical environment of the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon plays a crucial role in the human motor function and is also a structure that is commonly injured and notoriously difficult to treat. A major barrier to improving Achilles tendon function, preventing tendon injury and enhancing tendon repair is a poor understanding of the mechanical environment of the Achilles tendon during training and rehabilitation. The project aims to develop a better understanding of the loading conditions that optimise tendon metabolism. Based on this, it then intends to develop new technologies to estimate the mechanical behaviour of the human Achilles tendon in real time based on the integrated use of wearable technology and new training guidelines that will optimise human tendon adaptation.

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