Sport 2.0, Where Are We Heading?

sport 2-0 andy miah.jpgSome time ago I had the opportunity to review an interesting book for MIT press entitled SPORT 2.0 with a complimentary copy turning up in the mail just recently. As someone working in advancing the use of technology in sport, this book provided a refreshing viewpoint of what is happening from a grander perspective. It speaks to the way we think and do Sport as the world changes before our very eyes with almost no aspect of sport left untouched. In my own little niche, it reminds me of Porters work for HBR on Smart devices (How smart connected devices are transforming competition). Andy Miah, the author takes us on a tour de force of what we might think Sport is through looking at what games are culturally as well as in the more traditional sporting context. He considers Sport 2.0 in the context of the digital environment, gaming and augmented reality as progressive and at times disruptive innovations. The history and ensuing evolution of the Olympic games make for a very interesting case study and is a major focus. An entire section of the book looks at the development of the games in modern times with the influence of media, social media, citizen journalism and what mobile technologies are doing in this arena. If your so deeply into your sport or technology such that you can’t see the wood for the trees this one might give you a grander perspective, all for not much more than a paperback price.



# Sport 2.0

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