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The Year That Passed And Looking Ahead To 2020

It has been an interesting 2019 and we have a quick look back at the year that passed. We also look ahead and list out a couple of things we want to achieve in 2020.

Happy 2020 everyone! Here’s a little wrap up of all that we have covered here in Sports Technology Blog for 2019. We look back at the posts/stories that we have published. We look at what posts were the most sought after and popular, and some other things we did besides creating content. We would also share briefly about the direction we hope to move towards in 2020.

The Posts In 2019

We did 24 posts in the past year. Out of the 24, 7 were product reviews of sports tech products or apps, 4 were discussing technology used in specific areas (i.e. sleep tracking, running power, combat sports, tennis). We introduced a #Top5SportsTechNews feature during the start of the year and had 10 of those, which means we covered 50 sports innovations/events. The remaining 3 posts were sports tech related stories that mainly happened down under but still relevant globally.

Which Posts Reached More Readers

The Dribble Up Soccer (Football) App review was the most popular post of the year, that was followed by the Smart Tennis Sensors review and then the Top5SportsTechNews for Mar/Apr. If we look at what are the top 10 posts, we see product reviews taking up half of them, three Top5SportsTechNews and two technology reviews. So it seems that product reviews are what most people are after, and it was obvious soccer and tennis had most people’s attention.

Besides The Posts… Collaborations

We had a number of collaborations in 2019. One of them is with Bullpen Media. Bullpen has a focus on sports businesses and how they are shaping the sports industry. Occasionally they like to highlight different sports technologies – that’s where we came in and provided that sports tech content. Apart from that, we had some interesting conversations with different people about possible collaborations in the near future. We also did some consultations with up-and-coming sports tech businesses and startups where we provided some advice and suggestions of how they could approach some of their challenges. Hopefully, we will be able to see and hear about those new developments in the new year ahead.

Giving someone a lift

What’s Next For 2020

Looking ahead, we will try to do more of what worked in 2019 – product reviews, relevant technology reviews and doing monthly features of sports innovations (and it may or may not still be called Top5SportsTechNews).

We will also start a couple of new things here, namely:

  • guides or tips on using sports technology (e.g. IMUs, camera technology etc) – we will try to explain how different sports tech products can be used for specific applications; and for a start, this will be based on query emails that we have received in 2019
  • sports tech projects – we will attempt to take on a handful of projects this year from our readers or anyone who has reached out previously; and if we are not restricted from sharing them, we will talk about their progress and how the different challenges were resolved. Hopefully, this will be helpful for the community.

That is all for this post. Please drop us a note if there are specific guides you would like to see, or if there is a sports tech project that you would like us to be involved. You can leave a comment below (which will reach our inbox first) or use our contact form here: link. All the best for the new year and we look forward to bringing you more useful and insightful sports tech content in 2020. Onwards and upwards!

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