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Sports Tech Shoutouts 2022 08

In our final edition of sportstech shoutouts for 2022, we wanted to highlight some amazing apps that incorporate computer vision technologies to help athletes improve their technique while reducing their risk of injuries.

Welcome to the eighth (and last) edition of our shoutouts for 2022. We are going to jump straight into things with the theme of how AI is able to help athletes with performance analysis, monitoring training and reducing the risk of injuries. There are three key ingredients amongst all of these shoutouts – computer vision algorithms, cloud technologies and personalisation.

Clutch Is The Most Powerful Performance Analysis App For Badminton Players

Clutch is a startup based in Denmark. They have developed an AI-powered smartphone app that analyses the performance of badminton players using computer vision. Started by two ex-professional badminton players (Kári Gunnarsson and Eric Navarro Comes), the idea came about in the summer of 2020 when Kári decided that he really wanted to work on something with tech and badminton. He approached Eric who is a computer vision engineer and soon formed Clutch. Their goal is to allow every badminton player to have access to in-depth performance analysis of their matches, get an overview of their strengths and weaknesses and be able to track their progress over time. All of that, simply by using their smartphone.

In order to get the analysis using their smartphones, players/coaches need to follow certain guidelines to set up the recording. A couple of their recommendations include using a tripod or mount to ensure a steady recording and a full view of the court is necessary with all the court lines visible. After a match is recorded using the app, the image processing and analysis are done in the cloud and it typically takes around the same duration as the match. They have been running beta tests since April 2022 with professional players and national coaches around the world and the feedback has been nothing but positive. The Clutch team is looking to launch their iOS app in early 2023 and they are also busy working on an Android version because they recognise a majority of their target audience is Android users. Find out more about their key features here: link or check out one of their highlight videos from this year’s Dutch Open below:

Source: Clutch Instagram

Homeground App Wants To Provide Every Aspiring Cricketer With A Virtual Coach

Homeground is a startup based in India and their goal is to help every aspiring cricketer improve their game through their cricket training app. One of the main reasons that led Santosh Vappula (the founder) to create the platform is the fact that lots of youth cricket players (8-15 years old) do not have access to a coach or mentor who can give them personal guidance on what and how to improve. So back in 2020, with a background in mobile apps development and seeing the capabilities of computer vision technology, Santosh decided to build a smartphone app that could provide tracking and digital coaching at an affordable price.

With the recent launch of the app (iOS and Android), they have focused on bowling analysis using the smartphone camera and processing the data (images) on the cloud. Simply by securing their smartphone on a tripod/mount and ensuring the camera has a full view of the pitch, a cricket player can record their bowling and get performance metrics of their training session. They include the delivery speed, and line and length metrics. As players keep tracking their sessions, they will be able to monitor their performance and progress overtime.

Going forward the Homeground team plans to release training plans/journeys for users, providing customisable workout plans based on input from experienced coaches. It would be an interactive experience that targets specific skill improvements. Some of the other things on their product roadmap include talent scouting and batting and wicket-keeping analysis. Find out more by following them on their blog: link, or check out their explainer video below:

Ochy Is Making Biomechanics Analysis Accessible to Every Runner

Ochy is a startup based in France, and they are trying to put the capabilities of a biomechanics lab in a smartphone and allow everyday runners to evaluate their running form. The foundersKhaldon Evans and Perrine Chapot used to be competitive track athletes (100, 200 & 400m) and have experienced being in biomechanics labs throughout their athletic careers to manage their injuries and performance. Post-competitive running, they realised lab analyses were very inaccessible for everyday runners – highly-priced, and not easily available. Further conversations with coaches and athletes in their network and market research led them to see a need for a portable and affordable solution that allows biomechanical analyses to be done on the field. This led to the creation of Ochy.

Available on iOS and Android, the app uses video and AI to provide full-body movement analysis – with feedback on the runner’s head position, back position, arm position, front leg cycle, and back leg cycle. It even provides an explanation of what is ideal and recommends the exercises that will help. The runner just needs someone to film them running past with a full view of the runner (head to toe) and the runner should have run at least 50m before passing in front of the camera.

Ochy released a beta version in early 2022, and since then, they have analysed over 2500 running videos with users and collaborators from top athletic clubs and sports institutes. The responses have all been really good especially how it has helped users correct their flaws and avoid injuries or perform better. There are some exciting plans in their product roadmap. With a main focus still on running, they will be working to improve the running analysis with front and back view analysis as well as creating specific exercise plans. Read more about their journey and plans here: link, or check out their promo video below:

And that is our final edition of shoutouts for 2022. If you would like more information about any of the above, or you have some sports tech ideas you would like to chat to someone about, feel free to reach out or leave a comment below. If you enjoy our content, please do share it on social using the links below and make sure to subscribe to our blog here: link. As always, thanks for reading!

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