Adieu Griffith

After 17 years at Griffith University, it’s time to hand back my swipe card and explore other opportunities. It’s been tremendous fun developing the sports engineering and technology disciplines (see Griffith’s SABEL research with impact), working with the elite sports industry, related and consumer industries and leading peak professional bodies like the International Sports Engineering Association,… Read More Adieu Griffith

Validate Or Get It To Market?

At the most recent wearable technology conference in Melbourne, we had speakers from industry and industry all weighing in on the latest developments of wearables.  I had as conference chair the at times challenging task of facilitating an emerging debate on whether ‘product’ should be rushed to market, or first scientifically validated and then released to market. Not… Read More Validate Or Get It To Market?

Innovation = Creativity + Implementation

I came across this neat equation doing a subject led by Bob Sutton at Stanford.  It resonated with me, in part because I’ve been wrestling with whats the difference between research and innovation,  and how they contribute to the knowledge economy. The knowledge economy being something Australia would like to have in addition to ‘we… Read More Innovation = Creativity + Implementation

“Digital Strategy Is Lacking In Australian Sport”

Last year around this time we hosted Alex Mednis from Sydney based reveloutioniseSPORT at our Australian Sports Technology Network Queensland event. He recently penned (see below for an excerpt) a thought-provoking article for LinkedIn as a reflection on technological change, and pace of change in Australia’s sporting bodies. See the full article at Thanks, Alex and look… Read More “Digital Strategy Is Lacking In Australian Sport”