Sports Sensors are music to our ears

Have a listen to 4th yr engineering student Connor Reid’s application of our sports sensors to the creative industries. Made as part of a final year Electronic Engineering project with Griffith University. The gestures are analyzed using a 3 dimensional wireless accelerometer. Volume and data cut-off is performed using two MIDI foot controllers.

The gestures are recognized using a program developed in MATLAB. Triggers and gesture messages are sent via OSC and sound synthesis and gesture mapping is performed in Pure Data.

The pianist in this video (Michael Johnstone) only had an hour to write this piece, learn to use 3 extra controllers and wrap his brain around each gesture so he did an amazing job.

The concept for this prototype is loosely based on Six Japanese Gardens ( and I was trying to get a similar sound to Dreamland by Her Name is Calla ( you will immediately know which part I was trying to rip off). The performance was recorded in the IMERSED studios of the Queensland Conservatorium.

For more information contact David Thiel


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