Sports Engineering Journal 2.0


With the recent appointment of 2 associate editors to the ISEA’s Journal of Sports Engineering the journal has received much needed boost with the volume of submissions coming its way. With a  new look editorial board, word is there is a special issue or two coming up as well.

Check out the latest issues here:


Dr Martin Strangwood,           University of Birmingham, UK

Associate Editors

Dr. Tom Allen,                        Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Dr. Simon Choppin,                Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Senior Editorial Board

Sadayuki Ujihashi,                  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Mont Hubbard,                      University of California, Davis, USA

Rod Cross,                             The University of Sydney, Australia

Steve Haake,                          Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Matt Carre,                             University of Sheffield, UK

Alan Nathan,                           University of Illinois, USA

Editorial Board

David James,                           Sheffield Hallam University, UK

David Beacon,                        Gunn and MooreUK

Peter Federolf,                        Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway

Nick Caplan,                          Northumbria University, UK

Nicola Petrone,                       University of Verona, Italy

Wilhelm Friess,                       University of Maine, USA

Ian Kenny,                              University of Limerick¸ Ireland

Daniel James,                          Griffith University, Australia

Noel Perkins,                          University of Michigan, USA

Firoz Alam,                             RMIT University, Australia

Alessandro Pezzoli,                 Politecnico di Torino – University of Turin

Nicolas Houel,                        INSEP, France

Sean Maw,                             Mount Royal University, USA

Lloyd Smith,                           Washington State University, USA

Paul Wood,                            Ping Golf, USA

Robert Kirk,                           adidas, Germany

Guy Larose,                           National Research Council, Canada

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