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ISEA 2012 Lowell Unplugged

Well and truly back from the Boston Lowell conference now, got back into my time zone (it was only 10 hrs difference), and recovered from the 80hr trip home, yep yours truly was stranded by our *ahem* national airline for 3 days in Dallas sans baggage (got an upgrade from LA back so that was nice of them). Anyways great to catch up with people from the Sports Tech. community, many of whom I hadn’t seen for a few years, though caught up with a few at the Asia Pacific Satellite event (see apcst2013.com for the next one).

Looking forward to the next conference (the 10th biennial ) at the spiritual home of Sports Engineering in Sheffield, where it was founded by Prof and a recent fellow of the ISEA Steve Haake.  David James is at the helm of the conference and it looks like a real tour de force of crags (yep its right on the doorstep of the finest climbing in the UK…even if it is raining), stately homes and of course excellent presentations.

So till then, the ISEA has returned Kim Blair to the presidency for another 2 yrs (and somehow I ended up as treasurer too ).

Anyways here are a few snaps from Lowell including the baseball research centre, taking in a local game (Jono remember to catch the ball with your hands, not your booty next time), a little mini golf at the conference dinner (yep this is sports engineering). Before heading home at conference end we checked out some of the industrial revolution mills and stumbled upon some deck chairs being set up in a local park – apparently, a little band called ‘America’ was playing…so we moseyed along there as well.

Thanks for having us Patrick…awesome!!!


More conference pics here (the offical ones) 


and more coming soon to the official conference website http://continuinged.uml.edu/isea2012/


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