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boxingsensor1Some time back in the 2000’s we began developing a boxing technology for the AIS, it was exciting times and heady stuff (see Boxing Force Suit). The work was carried on by former Chief Scientist of the AIS Prof. Allan Hahn with many partners across Australia. Today Alan is the acting director of research at the Queensland Academy of Sport and an adjunct Professor at SABEL Labs, Griffith University, amongst a few other hats he wears.

Here is an excerpt from an article he wrote for the conversation as a review of the concerns and the possibility of a safer form of boxing where he suggests how we can make this and other combative sports safer using technology. Full article is here

Taking the hard knocks out of boxing to make the sport safer

If banning boxing is not the answer then how to reduce the risks and make it safer? Flickr/WorldSeriesBoxingCC BY-ND

The tragic death recently of a young Queensland boxer raised the question of safety in the sport and whether boxing should be banned.

Claims that boxing is safer than a number of very popular and well-accepted sports warrant careful scrutiny as they often derive from overly simplistic analyses.

The risks associated with boxing should never be trivialised, but science and technology could possibly help to mitigate them.”


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